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Be my Everything :(
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 | 11:17 | 0 ChickyCherry


First thing that i wanna say ' Oh My God ! , i can stop thinking of you ! ' this thing make me crazy ! How long that i can just only hoping to get you ? Everyday , every minute . i just keep thinking of you . why ? Oh God ! why this keep happening to me ? i try to forget you . i swear ! But i dont know why , you keep runnin into my head ! QUESTION > am i in love with you again ? Ohhhhh .... :/ please god ! i don't want this feeling get into my head again . this feeling can make me loose my focus in my study . i know it ! As example like what happen to my PMR result . it just one reason , because i entertain that feeling . if not ? arhhh . i swear i can get so much better then this result . i can be weak when this feeling come  :/ . Until when i have to through this ? i really , really want you . but i afraid you will REJECT me . reject ? daa . i never express my feeling to him . But i guess he know what i feel at him . He a guy . he should know when someone like him or not . i admit , i stalk him everyday :3 . I'M SORRY .  that all that i can do to see your progress :3 i wish someday ........ but i dont know that he have a GF or not . But .. tak salah kan kalau nak terus minat dy even dy dah ada GF .#saying with a sad voice . i know i will be sad if i continue have this feeling at him . Nak buat macam mana . AKU DAH SUKA DIA ! "(

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