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You , my History
Monday, 5 December 2011 | 04:16 | 0 ChickyCherry
you were there to light my day ,you were there to guide me through ,from my days down and on, i'll never stop thinking of you. how can i forget all that ,when you're the one who make me smile, you'll always be a part of me, how i wish you were still mine. never will forget the day, how we've met and came this far, we all know we got this feeling, but somehow it has to end up here. i know it's me who say good bye, and that the hardest thing to do, cause you mean so much to me, and guide the truth from me to you. for all the things i've done and said, for all the hurt i've caused of you, i hope you will forgive me baby, cause that wasn't what i meant to do.

I've something to share . Before this i dont know what kind of feeling that i got . But now i know . I miss someone . That's HIM . Awakkkkkkkkkkkk , i miss you # grr , macam dy baca . kan ? Emiy tak taw kenapa hari tuhh Emy bole nangis semata-2 rindu kat dy sorang jea "( siyes nangis terok kodd . Kalau dy bace , mesty dy engt Emy tulis niy untok adek dy . Hmm , tak . Niy khas untok awak . Emy dah takde number dy . dy pon dah Unfriend Emy kat Fb . so , tataw camne nak bagitaw kat dy . Emy rindu sangat kat dy . Even Emy taw yang dy still mara kat Emy . But , i still appreciate for all what has he done for me . Tape lah . Emy just nak dy taw yang Emy < Rindu and sayang kat dy lagy > # grr , segan nya tulis macam niyy . Hmm , i know , i misjudge you before this and im sorry . If possible , i want to go back the time . i will not let you go easily . Mungkin dulu Emy ragu-2 dengan perasaan Emy . Sekarang tak . Tapi nak buad macam mana lgy . benda dah jdy . He will not be owned by me again . But , i hope he will think the same way that i think .

# Just 3 word , I miss you ")

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