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Dont want to know it
Saturday, 21 January 2012 | 02:34 | 0 ChickyCherry

~ DING ! I'VE READ YOUR BLOG DEAR :) apa lagi wey ? Yee , aku taw niat kau baik nak tolong . Tapi , THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO HELP PEOPLE . Apa ? ungkit pasal tahun lepas ? nak kea aq ungkit ? MALAS wey . Past is past . i dont want to remember it again . But now , you do something that involve your own friend . Mybe you think what you do is the best , but you dont know what people think or fell after you do it . If the thing is the best , you will not make Aisha cry . right ? Bukan kteorag tak nak kawan or apa . Tapi cara kau tu buatkan orang tak selese . Please , think before do something . Bukan nak salah kan kau , aku pon bukan betol sangat . You do , you know it . letakkan diri kau kat tempat kteorg , and you will fell it ~

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