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Hey you .
Saturday, 7 January 2012 | 05:58 | 0 ChickyCherry

Hey you ! yes , you . stop being unhappy with yourself . You are perfect .  Stop wishing you look like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else . Stop trying to get attention  from those who hurt you . Stop hating your body , your face , your personality , your quirks , love them . Without those thing you would't be you . And why would you want to be anyone else ? Be confident with who you are . Smile . it'll draw people in . If anyone hate on you because you are happy with yourself then you stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it . My happiness will not depend on others anymore . I'm happy because i love who i am . i love my flaws , i love my imperfactions , they make me , me . and 'me' is pretty amazing :3 If someone truly want you . nothing will keep them away they will do eveything they can do be with you .

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