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i hate both of them :)
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 | 23:17 | 0 ChickyCherry

Today i want to share something , hope you'll understand me :)
See , this year Emy cakap tak nak online lah apa lah . tapi online jugak :D yelah , im bored okey . Cuti sch tak buat apa :( Act , Emy dah bosan dengan FB . takde apa kod ! jup , know what ? i block him and him kat FB :) nak taw kenapa ? sebab ' I HATE BOTH OF THEM ' suma yang berkenaan ngan mereka Emy dah hapus kan :) Jyeah , rimas ohh , setiap kali Emy onl , Adaaaaa jea status dy naik kat news feet . benci gila babeng ! Menyampah lah , dont know why . erh , God ! help me . yup , i think this is the best way . HMMM ,why i have to know them before ? Haih , what a risk ! I hope when i wake up tomorrow , you and you have been deleted from my mind :) i pray to god that this will come true :P

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